Massage Oils and Creams

Here at Life Massage I only use the highest quality massage oils and creams as I know how important this is for you, your body and your whole massage experience. The positive effects and benefits of your massage can be increased through the correct selection of the massage medium.

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Neutral Oil

For Deep Tissue, Sport and Hot Stone Massage or for anyone who wishes to have a holistic massage without aroma, I use Schupp neutral massage oil. This proven massage oil contains jojoba and vitamin E and is free of all preservatives and colours as well as being excellent for very sensitive skin types.

Aroma Oils

To completely enhance your Holistic and Wellness Massage experience you can choose from a range of beautiful Oils and Creams. These are produced, scented and manufactured by the Afrodita Professional range of products. They are all of the highest quality and generously incorporate only the finest natural, active and organically produced ingredients. You have a rich and varied choice from the following stocked oils:


It comprehensively calms, relaxes and revitalises skin exposed to all types of stress. The synergy of essential oils and sensuous scents is beneficial to the body and mind. It incorporates vitamin E to protect the skin from premature ageing.

Sweet Vanilla
With 100% natural macadamia oil, vitamins and essential fatty acids, it intensively conditions the skin and slows ageing. It increases the skin's elasticity and the delicious fragrance of sweet vanilla leads to total relaxation.

Flower Touch
This precious combination of 100% natural jojoba and sunflower oils is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamin E. It generously conditions and hydrates the skin. With the heady fragrance of orchid, it guarantees a sensual experience and wraps the skin in softness.

Citrus Mix
An invigorating synergy of lemon, grapefruit and orange essential oils, which works with a powerful detoxifying effect. It promotes the function of the lymphatic system, stimulates skin circulation and supplies the skin with the vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids it requires. Particularly suitable for tired skin.

The oil nourishes the skin, moistens it and strengthens its natural protection against the destructive power of free radicals. After the massage, the skin is left feeling fresh, soft and calmed. The oil has a pleasant natural coconut scent.

The oil replaces lipids and moisture lost through the years, stimulating and intensifying skin regeneration. After massage, the skin is left feeling smooth, soft and visibly rejuvenated.

The massage oil restores skin's lustre, making it soft, tender and flexible again. It creates a harmony of the skin, body and mind and pampers with its sensual scent.

It stimulates blood circulation in the skin, assists in fat degradation, activates the lymphatic system and stimulates the secretion of retained toxins from the body.

It steps up skin regeneration, nourishes, calms and softens the skin.

Massage Cream
The cream facilitates a lengthy massage and easy, smooth hand flow. The cream contains chamomile, nettle and wheat bran oil extract as well as lavender essential oil, which leaves the skin noticeably more flexible and softer after the massage.

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