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Here you will find some additional information about me, my views and what to expect when you book a treatment with Life Massage. If you require any further information or questions that are not covered here, then please feel free to contact me.

"If you dont take care of your body…

                                      … Where are you going to live?"


Through the summer months my schedule can fill up quickly and I cannot typically accommodate a same or next day appointment request. Most clients schedule a week in advance to ensure they get their desired day and time. Autumn and winter can be quieter but it is always worth asking as I could have a cancellation or re-schedule that day.

All visitors must have an appointment. I do not accommodate walk-in customers. For questions, please contact me by text, phone or email. If I am not available, please leave a voice message or SMS.


Please re-schedule or cancel at least 24 hours before the beginning of your appointment or you will be charged 50% of your chosen treatment. Extenuating circumstances are obviously exempt. If you have cold or flu symptoms, PLEASE re-schedule; late cancellation fees will be waived if enough notice of this is given.


At this time, I cannot bill your health insurance directly, but I'd be happy to help you discuss reimbursement options that may be available to you through your provider.


I use a Paraben free, non-scented, hypoallergenic, nut free neutral massage oil and similar aroma oils. You can find more details here. If you have specific allergies that can affect the massage, please note it on your intake form and remind me in person before we begin.

Deals or Specials?

Check out the prices page for discount block bookings or follow life Massage on Facebook where I often post one off discounts, contests to win free massages, reminders of ways to save, and seasonal specials. As well as blog updates and help and advice on your health.

Why a home Practice?

My practice is located in the first room of my home where I have a restroom available.

I want massage to be affordable for all clients who need it, so I try to keep my overheads low. I am fortunate that my home allows me to operate my practice instead of having to rent an extra commercial space. In turn, I pass those savings directly onto my clients by setting my service prices below market value for the area we live.

When should I arrive?

On time please, its as easy as that. I will allow enough time for you to enjoy your full treatment. The time you book is the length of your treatment not the time you are here so build at least 15 minutes extra into your schedule.

If you arrive more than 5 minutes early, please note my front door sign. It indicates if I'm still in session.

Which massage is for me?

Please take a look through the massage description pages to choose the right massage for you. You can pick what you would like but don't be afraid to ask for a combination treatment also. I am flexible with what I can do. So if you want a relaxing massage but maybe some deeper work on an area of concern, just mention it when you arrive or book. It wont be a problem.

Each and every treatment will be focused specifically for you, and my pressure, approach and technique can be changed each time for your particular issues or concerns.

What to expect.

First Massage

I will welcome you in and find out a little about you and what your expectations are. Then we can discuss your intake form or any recent health changes before we begin.

Clothing removal

My personal policy is: dress down to your comfort level. 

Before your therapeutic massage session begins, I will advise what clothing is best to remove for the effectiveness of the particular treatment and how to position yourself on the massage table. I then will leave the room for you to get comfortable. You can choose all, or nothing or anywhere in between. Whatever makes the massage right for you.

Once you get on the table, you are to get comfortable and all towels are provided for your massage. You do not need to bring your own.

Client comfort is what is most important and the bottom line is that we have options, and it's your call. Together we can determine how to make you comfortable, and the massage most effective.

The Treatment

I will re-enter the room, make sure everything is in order and begin your treatment. The goal of a focused massage is not always to just relax, it’s sometimes to treat specific issues or concerns. In this case I will ask questions during the massage and may also suggest various at-home care strategies. But if you have come to relax or for an aroma massage, you will experience perfect quiet and tranquility for you to become completely immersed in your massage.

At the end of our time, I will leave again for you to slowly get up and dressed.

Physical limitations

At the moment the practice has steps to access the house. So if you require a wheelchair for mobility then unfortunately I cannot accommodate you at my home practice. I am hoping to rectify this situation in the future but for the moment, disabled wheelchair access is not possible.

Painful conditions

Please know that I do not believe that pain is gain. My massages are not the deepest tissue, they are deep enough tissue. My view is that it is important to observe muscle reactions and adjust my pressure accordingly.

Pressure varies from gentle to firm, but should never be painful. I focus on precision and results, not brute force.

Emotional concerns

Massage can seem a little awkward, intimidating, or could possibly trigger emotional reactions. Modern media or peoples lack of knowledge does not help either. A great option if these are areas of concern for you, is a pre-massage visit. Feel free to schedule a short visit before you book a treatment. To meet me, see the practice, and discuss any questions you may have.

My first language is English but please do not let this influence you decision for booking a treatment. My home is now here in Carinthia, and I am making every effort to learn German and to fit into the community. Every day it gets better and I absolutely guarantee that the quality of your treatment will not suffer as a result. Your body only speaks one language.

Pregnancy massage

First things first… Is Massage Therapy Safe During Pregnancy?

There are several rooted myths surrounding massage and pregnancy. As Massage Therapists we have a great opportunity to provide accurate context, debunk false knowledge, and encourage our clients to enjoy the benefits of massage during their pregnancy. Yet in doing so, we may cause friction, especially with new clients.

Simply put, there is no medical evidence that effectively demonstrates massage can induce labor, cause miscarriages, or create complications.

Physiologically, there’s no reason a pregnant woman couldn’t enjoy the same massage as someone who is not pregnant would. Pregnant women are not sick, nor (in general) do they have a condition that can be worsened through massage. They are often understandably sore, tired, or uncomfortable, but pregnancy itself is not an illness. Additional pillows, supports, or body positions may be required, but those types of accommodations come naturally to my client centred phylosophy.

While countless changes occur in the body during pregnancy, in general the body is not altered to the extent that you cannot enjoy a massage treatment. Muscles are still muscles, joints remain joints, nerves stay nerves. The effects of massage on those tissues remains the same.

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